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The Future of Monatomics is Here

A think tank developed to explore the potential of Monatomics, M-State, N-State, Spagyrics, and Exotic Matter (NSH+Holotomic Trace Elements). We ask to share your experiences in the Realm Dynamics project, your experience as RS, as 5D Consciousness Traveler, your adventure as a Innerstanding Con...

Ruthenium Trial 1 Conclusion: Encounter

When utilizing ruthenium we all noticed an acute agitation occurring in the environment. This lead us to believe that Ru could in fact be an agitant. However by Day 2 we became aware that Ru brings an individual that otherwise ignores their most pertinent setback in touch with that setback mental...

Why are planets often referred to as if they are living beings?

Planetary forces are alive and possess many characteristics of human beings including dual poles. Earth has a North and South pole.  There is a positive and negative side to planetary energies. These energies cause things such as puberty, growth, decay, etc.... This is what is being referred to w...